Meditation for Kids
November 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM
by 29 Intentions

sit with your kids to take some belly breaths together.

Sit with your kids on the floor or on a mat and take some belly breaths together. Count your breaths up to 10 or 20 and then back down again. Talk about how it feels to breathe slowly and deeply, how good it is to relax their bodies, and how they can use this type of breathing when they are feeling stressed or angry. If you want to go even further, try these tips:

  • Have them close their eyes for a minute before bedtime every night (or whenever else works for you) so that everyone gets some restful sleep!
  • Have them practice mindful eating by eating slowly--and mindfully--to really taste their food; this will help them appreciate what they're putting into their bodies instead of just wolfing down whatever's available without thinking about whether it's healthy or not!

have your kids count their breaths up to 10 or 20 and then back down again.

Let your kids count their breaths up to 10 or 20, then back down again. This is a great way for kids to focus on the present moment and can help them relax, calm down and fall asleep at night. It can also help them focus during the day by removing distractions while they're working on homework or playing with friends.

teach your children to focus on their breathing during the day.

  • Teach your children how to focus on their breathing during the day.
  • When they're feeling stressed, help them take deep breaths and count them as they go in and out of their bodies.
  • This can also be used as a relaxation technique before bedtime: Have them lie down on their backs with their arms at their sides, eyes closed, and breathe in through the nose while counting one-two-three...and out through pursed lips (or say "mmmmm") while counting four-five-six...and then repeat this cycle until they fall asleep!

teach them to say "thank you" after completing tasks, eating food and so on.

Teach them to say "thank you" after completing tasks, eating food and so on.

  • Teach them to thank their friends for help with homework or chores.
  • Teach them to thank family members for taking care of them and doing things for them.
  • Teach them to say "I love you" often!

meditating with kids can be a great way to bond, relax and help them learn mindfulness.

Meditation is a great way to relax, calm down and focus. It can also help kids learn mindfulness, which is the ability of being present in the moment without judgment or distraction.

  • Meditation helps kids learn how to breathe properly by focusing on their breathing instead of other things like homework or cleaning up their room (which usually ends up getting done later anyway).
  • Meditation can help kids become more grateful for what they have in life because it makes them realize how many people are less fortunate than them - making them appreciate their own lives more deeply!
  • Mindfulness techniques such as yoga or Tai Chi are good examples of activities that encourage children's development while teaching them valuable lessons about themselves along the way - like patience!


There are many ways that you can introduce meditation to your kids, and hopefully these tips will help get you started. Remember that it's important not only to teach them how to meditate, but also why it's beneficial for them. If they understand why they should do it then they will be more likely to stick with their practice over time!

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